First results from 2016 are promising


First commercial field results from the 2016 season indicate that in companion with appropriate nutrition and inclusion of Procidic, farmers can expect yield increases.

The pictures depict the case of a farmer which before had only reach 1 spot at 150 bushels per acre the rest of his acres were averaging 100-125 bushels. This same farmer had during 2016 an average of 180 bushels per acre across his 6400 acres!

Preventative application of health inputs, like the Fungicide and Bactericide Procidic, with proper agronomic practices is responsible for boost in productivity of the farms. This comes just on the right moment when it is imperative to attain the maximum amount of grain per land production unit.

Procidic delivers!

Wouldn’t you want your field to boost its yield and productivity? Give us a call today to inquire about 2017 offers.

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